From: Kathy Bee, The Red Hat Mamma

Re: Instantly you can receive the tools you need to become an EXPERT Red Hat Party & Event Planner...
The Red Hat Party Kit!

Dear Red Hat Friend,


id you know know that you no loner have to stress and worry about planning and hosting your next Red Hat Party or event and that you can actually have fun planning, playing and providing the best event ever? 

Did also you know that there is an easier way to host an event that will be enjoyable and memorable to all who attend?

Did you know that there is an easy way to provide quality entertainment for everyone...lead sing along songs and get sponsors to cover the cost of the entertainment and the cost of prizes?

Lastly, ladies did you know that you can budget so that you have money left over for your next event or party?

Probably not… well you're not alone…

Red Hatters… Party Planners...
Are you suffering from the
“Bad Party Blues”?
Get the cure
NOW!!!! 1


Discover the Secret of Planning & Hosing The Best Party or Event

The Red Hat Party Kit
Can Help You Plan

It's So Nice To Hear The Words
"I Had The Best Time Ever!"

After you've spent hours planning away..and money on trying to host the best party...all you really want to hear is that everyone had a great time!

This is the main reason that I compiled the "Best Most Valued" Party that you donb't have to stress when it comes to having a great time!

In The Red Hat Party Kit you get...
  1. Music & Lyrics...

  2. Party Planning Indtructions...

  3. Sample Flyers

  4. Sample Press Release

  5. The Step By Step Red Hat Party Fun Board...

  6. Budget Instructions...

  7. How To Hire The Entertainment...

  8. Red Hat Line Dance Lessons

Vocal Lessons... Party Theme Ideas

and much more...

I’m Kathy Bee the Red Hat Mamma and I have been to many parties. I’ve enjoyed quite a few and from where I stand, being an entertainer, I am able to observe what goes on. I want to  help you plan the best party that you have ever had.

There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing someone say “I can’t wait to come to your party next year!”  Or when they say, “When are you having your next event? I had so much fun!”


Red Hat Party Kit will help you plan your next party without any hassle or any stress! We’ve made it easy & fun for everyone who’s planning an event or party, to have a great time as well as the entertainers…Everyone from the helping team to the guests all have a super time because you now have the tools to make it fun & easy…hassle free!

 You get everything you need including:

  • fun music
  • red hat party fun board
  • sample press releases
  • free vocal lessons
  • sample flyers
  • how to setup your budget
  • how to hire entertainment
  • sample contract
  • parties theme ideas
  • how to get sponsors
  • how to organize your team
  • and much much more









We take the worry in the stressed out of your party so that you can have a good time and the best part is… you get it now! You instantly download the entire kit so you can start today!

So Don’t Delay Download


The Red Hat Party Kit



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